Has anyone ever told you that your dog is not exercised enough - even though you are giving him more than an hour of physical exercise daily?  How many hours are you expected to walk your dog?!  I think it's silly too.  Here is what isn't silly - mental exercise exhausts a dog more than physical exercise.  Brain games sessions challenge your dog mentally to use their minds to solve problems and carefully select the right answer.  (Plus, your dog will learn some seriously cool tricks).  These sessions can be conducted with, or without the owner(s) present.  However, I will require that I meet with you and your dog for a meet and greet before I begin working solo with your dog.  Also, keep in mind that if you want to be able to show off these tricks to your friends, you should probably attend a session or two!  Here are some ideas of the brain games we can teach your dog to play:

  • Nosework: which cup is it under? - sniff out a treat from beneath a series of cups and signal to handler it is found.
  • Nosework: go find it - sniff out a scent or treat and signal to handler once it is found
  • Naming toys and distinguishing behaviors - ideas include "touch your duck", "look at the bear", "bring me the ball".
  • Impulse control and waiting for the cue - I will teach your dog up to 8 behaviors to do with one object.  Your dog's job is to sit and wait for the cue before offering a behavior.
  • Party tricks - back up, spin in a circle, bow, play dead, roll over, say hello, sit up, etc.
  • and many more!!

Contact me with any questions, or to schedule a meet and greet to start your brain games package!  Your dog will thank you!