Behavior Consultations


If you're feeling lost, upset, or embarrassed with your pet's behavior, you are not alone.  Behavior is currently the number one reason pets are surrendered to shelters.  I don't like that statistic - I can and want to help.  In-home and online consultations are available for the the following common behavior issues: 
- Leash Aggression/Reactivity
- Aggression
- Separation Anxiety
- Thunderphobia
- Resource Guarding
- Unwanted Barking/Vocalization
- Destructive Behavior
- And More…

What to Expect

Once you have scheduled your consultation, I will ask you to complete a history questionnaire so that I can begin to understand your dog and your concerns prior to the scheduled consultation.  During your consultation we will discuss your dog's history and review each of your individual concerns.  I will then help you to understand why your dog is exhibiting the behavior(s) that concern you and review what goals we can realistically expect to achieve.  An individualized behavior modification plan will then be drafted and reviewed with you.  I will demonstrate and discuss each step in detail so that you, as the owner, feel confident in performing each task necessary to help your dog be successful.  After your visit, you will receive a copy of your dog's individualized training program.  

While some behaviors can be resolved in one or two sessions, most need more time.  This is why, included in the cost for a consultation, you will have e-mail and phone support.  It is also strongly recommended that you schedule some behavior modification sessions.  These individualized sessions allow me to work one on one with you and your dog while we modify his or her behavior, gradually working up to real life scenarios.  It gives you hands on guidance and, in my experience, significantly increases your dog's chances of success.

Welcome Home! Consultations

Welcome Home! consultations are behavior consultations offered at a discount to dogs adopted within 60 days of the scheduled consultation date.
If you just brought home a new four-legged family member and are looking for some guidance and someone to point you in the right direction, then this sort of visit is for you!  During a "Welcome Home!" visit we will discuss your dog's background (if known), problem behaviors to watch out for (and how to prevent them), and how to help your new friend settle in to their fur-ever home.
The first two months after you bring home your new friend can be crucial for your new relationship.  Set yourselves up for success!

Online Consultations

Want to work with Ann Marie, but not within driving distance? No problem! Online consultations are now available for behavior, basic manners, and trick training.
Before scheduling an online consult, be sure you have access to high speed internet and a computer or tablet with a camera.

Contact me with any questions, or to schedule a consultation.