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Brainiacs Dog Training is now excited to offer walking services for the special needs dogs of Cambridge and Somerville. Not all dogs will leave the house with a dog walker, and some dogs exhibit behaviors that require special management and training.

With Brainiacs, your dog will enter into a training program where they will be introduced to the routine of a dog walker. Together, we'll work on leash skills, basic obedience, and behavior modification. Here are some examples of skills a Brainiacs pack dog may work on:

  • Introduction to a Dog Walker
  • Skills for the Reactive Dog
  • Loose-Leash Walking
  • Calmer Greetings (outside and at home)
  • Trick Training
  • and more!

A behavior consultation is required before new dogs begin with walking services. This is so that a training plan can be established for your individual dog. Every dog is different and every plan is customized for each dog and their human family. You will be given homework and may be asked to make some adjustments to your dog's routine and environment.

Currently, we are only able to offer this service Monday-Thursday and Saturdays.

Contact me with any questions, for pricing inquiries, or to schedule your initial consultation.