Manners for Manicures


Manners for Manicures


Starts June 6th, 2019 and runs until July 25th, 2019. Max class size is 6 students.
Weekly Zoom meetings Thursday evenings from 7:30PM-8:30PM EST

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An 8 week online course to get you and your pup comfortable and confident with nail trimming.
We’ll meet once weekly on Zoom, but you’re always welcome to reach out with additional questions on the material and exercises throughout the course.

Once enrolled, you’ll receive a shared link to a dropbox folder where you’ll receive and can upload homework documents, videos, and photos. You’ll also find a document with a list of things you’ll need before the course start date, with detailed descriptions, along with a video and instructions on how to introduce your dog to a clicker and teach a hand target touch.
If your dog is aggressive for nail trims, please e-mail me directly after you’ve enrolled so I can assist you in conditioning your dog to a muzzle before the course starts.

1. Zoom:
2. DropBox:
3. Nail Trimmers
4. Handling Station (A crate mat, bath mat, yoga mat, or place mat would work just fine. It should be large enough to fit your dog while laying on their side)
5. Raw Spaghetti (No, I’m not kidding. ;) We’ll use this to desensitize your pup to the sounds of nail trims.)
6. Low, medium, and high value rewards