"We can't say enough about how caring, knowledgeable and helpful Ann Marie Silverberg has been to us and our very energetic Golden puppy Rookie. When bringing Rookie into our home I had no idea what I was getting into. Thank Goodness for the help, guidance and support Ann Marie has been able to send our way. Ann Marie has been able to provide us with the skills and tools to feel like we can be effective dog owners. I would recommend her services to any dog owner."  -Susan, Rookie's mom
"We can't say enough about how caring, knowledgeable and helpful Anne Marie Silverberg has been to us and our very energetic Golden puppy Rookie. When bringing Rookie into our home I had no idea what I was getting into. Thank Goodness for the help, guidance and support Ann Marie has been able to send our way. Ann Marie has been able to provide us with the skills and tools to feel like we can be effective dog owners. I would recommend her services to any dog owner."

-Susan, Rookie's Mom
"We adopted Doogan a little over a year ago and it's been a real joy discovering all the nuances of his personality since then. As Ann Marie so aptly described in our first session with him, Doogan has opinions. Sometimes those opinions don't line up with our expectations and that's ok! Ann Marie has been amazing at helping us learn how to read Doogan's "opinions" better so that we can make sure he's feeling safe on his walks and with his interactions with other dogs and people. Ann Marie's approach is full of care and appreciation for the individual needs of your pup and we feel so lucky to have found her. Doogan thinks she's pretty great too - two paws up!"

-Doogan's Parents
"My wife and I have a one and a half year old deaf pitbull who was in need of training. He's a really sweet dog but has always had a ton of energy and didn't seem to know how to focus it, resulting in some unwanted behaviors. We didn't know how to help! We were referred to Ann Marie who was terrific with our pup. She showed us how to help him channel his energy in ways that worked for all of us. It's amazing! Our household, including our cat! is so grateful for her training assistance."

-Tim, Pudding's Dad
"Sophia is a very energetic, curious, and smart puppy. I had been having issues with Sophia's impatience, energy, and demand for attention, as well as what I thought was resource guarding whenever I gave her natural chews. Ann Marie gave me a ton of useful information and excellent tips. After meeting with Ann Marie just once (and following her recommendations), my interaction with Sophia changed completely in just a few days. I couldn't be more grateful to Anne Marie and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn more about understanding how dogs think and behave, and how to have a better, healthier, and stronger bond with your dog."

-Alan, Sophia's Dad
"Ann Marie has helped us strengthen and improve our relationship with our dog, Arlo. Arlo is a smart, very energetic 1 year old pitty mix who can be a bit crazy when her energy isn't channeled correctly. Ann Marie taught us so many tools and tricks to help us keep Arlo engaged mentally- making her much happier and healthier. Since working with Ann Marie we are much less stressed and way more engaged with Arlo. It's been so wonderful to build our bond. Thank you Ann Marie! You are truly the best."

-Jill, Arlo's Mom
"I am thrilled to share my appreciation and gratitude for Ann Marie. Ann Marie’s deep love and compassion for animals coupled with an unsurpassed depth of knowledge regarding why dogs behave the way they do is a skill set that sets her far above other trainers.
After a thorough and comprehensive evaluation, Ann Marie came up with a training plan that was easy to understand and offered amazing results. The training plan helped me gain the confidence I needed to be comfortable with my challenging pup. My pup is a recent graduate in the foundational skills and leash reactivity course. Needless to say, neighborhood walks are less stressful as I now have the knowledge and skills to communicate and understand my pup. My bond with my pup has definitely deepened during the time we have worked with Anne Marie. Thanks Ann Marie!!
If you are looking for a compassionate, energetic, knowledgeable professional trainer, look no further.
The only regret I have is, not having found her sooner."

-Leslie, Bion's Mom
"When we first brought Big Moe home, we really did not understand his separation anxiety. Within a few weeks we were totally panicked, buying expensive escape-proof crates, feeding him treats marketed to naturally calm dogs, and canceling social plans so that we wouldn't need to leave him. Ann Marie turned everything around for us. She created a clear plan of action and supported us through the process. Anytime we hit a setback, she gave us something new to try and remained patient until we figured out what worked. We've seen incredible changes in Big Moe because of Ann Marie and we are so grateful!"

-Rachel, Big Moe's Mom
"Our 1 1/2 year Lab/hound, Blue, has thrived with Ann Marie's training and ideas. We had several behaviors we needed help with, and Ann Marie has given us great tools to use. She always sees Blue's potential and never gives up on him! Her methods are clear and compassionate and help us understand the reasons behind Blue's behaviors, which does wonders for our relationship with him. We are so lucky to have found Ann Marie!"

-Lila, Blue's Mom
"When we adopted Cerberus as a two month old puppy, we wanted to do it right and set her up for a lifetime of success. Ann Marie helped us do exactly that. Ann Marie is a talented teacher with patience and compassion for both the canines and humans involved. She coached us through all the skills needed to raise a well-adjusted dog who loves to learn. Although our sessions have ended, the training has not - we still actively work with Cerbie, teaching her new things every day. Life is easier with a happy, well-behaved puppy; we are able to take her everywhere with us and love to impress friends and family with all of her fun tricks. Thanks Ann Marie for giving us the tools we needed to become proactive and compassionate dog parents!"

-Diana, Cerbie's Mom 
"Ann Marie is the best and we highly recommend her. So glad we chose Brainiacs to help get our puppy off to a good start!"

-Nikko's Mom
"Ann Marie is a fantastic trainer and natural behavioralist. She recommended small adjustments to routine that immediately improved our dog's behavior. She understands the dogs she works with so well. She is amazingly tuned into them. She understands why a dog is exhibiting certain behaviors and taught us how to identify and head off problems before they started, so now we're reinforcing good behavior, which has totally transformed and opened up our relationship with our dog in new ways. She treats the whole dog and advises the whole family. She loves each dog for who they are and brings out their relaxed, happy selves."

-Maxine, Tako's Mom
"We have really enjoyed working with Ann Marie, who has given us great insights into our dog's psyche and helped us develop training routines and exercises. Not only is she patient, thoughtful, and reliable, she is also very personable and fun to interact with. We highly recommend her!"

-Adam, Lupka's Dad
"Ann Marie is wonderful! Her commitment to helping dogs find their utmost potential is remarkable. She is so positive in her attitude and training approach. Daffodil is a lil' love bug at heart, but has trouble being comfortable in the outside world. Ann Marie is helping Daffodil to find her inner zen, and make walks much less crazy! With Ann Marie, Daffodil is also able to express her hidden talent for puzzles, and her favorite hobby of learning new words and tricks while eating lots of kibble!"

-Amber, Daffodil's Mom
MVIMG_20180215_115531 (1).jpg
"Ann Marie is the best! She really understands the motivations behind a dog’s behavior, how to establish a working foundation, and helped me better understand my dog Chip. He is a sensitive and funny little guy and after moving apartments had difficulties adjusting to the new house. Ann Marie was able to work with us to take steps towards getting Chip back on his feet. All of the hard work has made visible improvements in Chip’s confidence, listening skills, and my relationship with him. I’m so happy and thankful to have found Ann Marie!"

-Sara, Chip's Mom
"When we first contacted Ann Marie, it was because of an embarrassing evening at a friend's home, where Fritz over turned a table, spilling wine everywhere, never mind eating dip off of a coffee table and jumping all over their counters in search of snacks. Since working with Ann Marie, Fritz has made a 180; he listens to simple commands and because of her smart eye in recognizing that it was his nose causing the problem, we started scent training. While all of the help with basic obedience has been invaluable, training Fritz to use his nose in a productive way has helped him to become a dog who loves to listen. We have gained an understanding for our dog that we may not have if it hadn't been for Ann Marie's help! We can't recommend Brainiacs Dog Training enough!"

-Heidi, Fritz's Mom